Urbaniza Capital acquires, repositions, and sells non-performing assets to achieve profitability for the investor.

Urbaniza Capital is an investment fund that partners with private accredited investors and funds to invest in residential real estate portfolios as well as the debt (notes) related to this property type.

Our portfolio focuses on non-performing and sub-performing loans, as well as real estate owned properties (REO) acquired from institutions, hedge funds and private investors at significant discounts from the outstanding balances owed on the loans.

The notes are secured by a lien in the property linked to the note, and pricing is discounted based on analyses of the local market. Risk is limited because the note capital investment is deeply discounted to the value of the properties.

Exit strategies target high yield returns facilitated by our familiarity with affordable housing markets, urban planning trends and expertise in allocating public funding. Our strategies result in a modification to re-performing notes yielding cash flow, acquisition of the deed for cash or a repossession of the properties for further leasing or sale.  This process is visualized below:


Urbaniza Capital is dedicated to unlocking value as your gateway to passive income.  Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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