I recommend UrbaniZa

Ray helped me purchase my first home. He walked me through the entire process with his vast knowledge and expertise that proved to be vital when there was already another offer on the house I wanted. I would not hesitate in recommending Ray to my family and friends and certainly will count on his services for my next purchase.
– Carolina
Great job

Ray helped me find the perfect place in record time and went the extra mile to make sure it worked out and I got the best deal possible. He is the best Realtor in South Florida! I have used many before Ray and only he could deliver.
– Dr Stelzer
– Grant
Ray is a good person

He is honest and fair, those are hard to find in this area. On top of that he is a TOP GUN negotiator. He will find any "hard to obtain" data on any property you need. Busy realtors are the best and Ray loves to stay busy.