Real Estate Brokerage

Throughout the past 15 years, we have focused on brokering properties that represent the best value for our customers. These are often assets that are distressed and priced below market, representing opportunities to realize a good return on investment (ROI).

Our customer base provides an exit strategy for asset managers and servicers looking to sell their portfolios. We have handled transactions via all methods including auctions, short sales, 1031 Exchanges, etc.

We have staff dedicated to handling closing obstacles so our clients can enjoy a 98% closing rate. Our mission is to streamline and expedite the process of exchanging property to make it as predictable, painless and financially rewarding as possible for all parties involved.

Note Investment

We acquire non-performing mortgage notes from hedge funds, trading desks and investors and implement our loss mitigation strategies. Our investment strategy researches emerging real estate markets that represent growth.

We handle negotiations with property owners in collaboration with our servicers. Our specialty is sourcing public funds that can reduce risk and enhance yield, enabling us to implement a variety of methods to stabilize the investment while assisting the property owner to retain the property.

The process yields either one of the following: a re-performing modified loan worked out to yield passive income or a property obtained through a Cash for Keys Deed agreement or through Foreclosure.

Performing loans are seasoned and sold to investors, and repossessed properties (REOs) are either renovated and leased or sold to new property owners.

Planning & Design

We work in association with engineers, architects, artists and other professionals to design solutions that will enhance neighborhoods, maximize spaces and utilize energy efficient technology.

We cooperate with building and zoning departments to preserve and secure abandoned properties and address code enforcement issues. Our investment research pursues information about urban plans for enhancement of distressed areas to ensure there is synergy with our ventures.


For over twenty years we have identified and secured sources of funding for developers and investors. We are affiliated to a licensed mortgage company. We work with private lenders and financial institutions as well as public sources such as Federal, State and Local programs providing low interest loans, grants and tax credits to achieve our investment goals.